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Property Management Services

Hands & Key
All of our vacation rentals were purchased by folks for their future retirement, as a second home, or simply as a wise investment. These properties are looked after and rented by the very experienced and highly professional staff of green REAL ESTATE OF ANNA MARIA.


Goals - Policy - Beliefs

  • We make commitments with care, then push to live up to them.
  • We are frugal - guarding and conserving owner's resources with at least the same vigilance we use to guard our own.
  • We insist on giving our best effort in every situation.
  • We recognize the difference between "good mistakes" (best effort, unsatisfactory result) and "bad mistakes" (sloppiness or laziness).
  • We believe in the Golden Rule. We strive to be fair, courteous, compassionate and respectful in all our dealings.
  • We believe clarity in communication is critical to owners' goals/our mission.
  • We invite discussion if there is doubt that we're providing the type of service an owner might reasonably expect from us.
  • While providing superior, comfortable vacation accommodations, our management goal is to help the property owners earn an investment income and relieve them of the day-to-day stress of being a landlord.
  • Our mission - our goal - is to earn your trust, your confidence and your business. Maintaining the valued reputation we have built dictates that we adhere to our policy and beliefs. If we endeavor, each day, to provide this scope of service, our mission can be accomplished.

Highlights of the many services we provide:


Screen and qualify all prospective tenants


Collect reservation deposits and send confirmations


Provide tenants with a list of rental rules and requirements


Secure tenants with a comprehensive and binding rental agreement


Collect rents, security deposits, and sales tax from tenant


File State and County Sales Tax on a monthly basis


Obtain owners required rental license from city & state


Schedule & supervise all cleaning, repairs, lawn service, pest control and other services as needed


Maintain computerized accounting of income and expenses


Provide owners with transaction reports & bookkeeping statements


Maintain a furnishings inventory


Keep an open line of communication with owners


Maintain a 24-hour phone line for reservations, as well as tenant complaints and problems


Follow State of Florida Department of Real Estate professional regulations


Maintain banking trust accounts for tenant's and owner's funds


Keep vigilant guard of the property through local Sheriff patrol


Adjust rents as the real estate market indicates


Advertise via the Internet on the World Wide Web, Chamber of Commerce, Island Vacation Guide, National and International Clients, Periodicals and Direct Mail


Personally answer all inquiries received

Management fees are based on gross rents collected -- we only get paid when the owner gets paid! All of the above services are provided free of charge unless the property is rented. Our policy may be old fashioned, but -- We never charge a management fee unless we have EARNED it.

 You can play while we attend to your business! 

For Additional Information

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  • Phone (941) 778-0455, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm EST
  • Email -- Please include name, full address & phone.


HomeFor SaleLuxuryGulf FrontFor RentRental FAQ

IslandSold!GossipManagementMeet UsContact


 9906 Gulf Drive, P.O. Box 2114
Anna Maria, Florida 34216
(941) 778-0455  Email


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